The Bean 648
The Bean 648
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patreonsmalladSometimes days are just a little off….



Megaben » 12 Aug 2015 » Reply

"She scares me" is a step up from his "there is very little I fear these days" just a few hours ago.

    Trav the bean » 12 Aug 2015 » Reply

    I think one has to take a deeper look into the bean's psych. When the first comment was made bean was coming off the influence of the sword… With the sword at times controlling him, one would think that maybe we are beginning to see bean starting to crack and that he is literally becoming two unique individuals…

      Megaben » 12 Aug 2015 » Reply

      Yes – hence a step up and not a step down.

Hoomi » 10 Aug 2015 » Reply

If Otter spoke like a character in a Schwarzenegger movie, she would say that the other elves "had to split." 😀

    Trav the bean » 10 Aug 2015 » Reply

    but she would not. 🙂

    Celidah » 13 Aug 2015 » Reply

    <ahnold>They should have quit while they were ahead.</ahnold>

Roy » 10 Aug 2015 » Reply

I forgot to add that I'm loving the color!

Roy » 10 Aug 2015 » Reply

I think first sentence probably should end in a period, not a question mark. The third bubble has no terminal punctuation. "… like a pawn in everyone else's game". "I trust her[,] but she scares me"

Caleb » 10 Aug 2015 » Reply

Those are small heads. For her to holding two in her hand like that?

    Roy » 10 Aug 2015 » Reply

    I believe they're masks.

    Trav the bean » 10 Aug 2015 » Reply

    They are face mask belonging to some of our friends from chapter 16

      Celidah » 10 Aug 2015 » Reply

      Oh, whew. I thought they were the whole heads at first myself, and thought that was incredibly chilling, even for Otter.

        Trav the bean » 10 Aug 2015 » Reply

        the question is how did she get those mask? then it still becomes incredibly chilling… because she would not need to take the heads with her. look closer at the mask.

          Celidah » 10 Aug 2015 »

          Oh yeah, I know how she got them and noticed the gouges. As you said yourself, though, carrying the heads would be unnecessary. So when I thought they were heads at first, I thought, "Wow, that's grisly, even by Otter's standards."

          Trav the bean » 10 Aug 2015 »

          maybe she left them as warnings… ? just saying…

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