The Bean 649
The Bean 649
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patreonsmalladThis weeks update throws us deeper into the world of Culver’s Gulch.  So curious on people’s feelings about the color work at the moment. It’s been about a month since we changed the comic from b/w to color. The transition has involved more work but I feel that it has really added to the story.

Also I have a few new childrens books coming out in the next few months. I love working on books that help kids. The books I have been working on deal with autism. It has been a wonderful experience and a very humbling one as well.

Also –

Who is your favorite character? just curious….

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Celidah » 17 Aug 2015 » Reply

Oh man, it's so hard to choose. Siv will probably be my top favorite As I commented above, no character death has ever hit me as hard as Siv's. I wanted to see so much more from him, but I begrudgingly admit that his death was finely-done.

I'm very fond also of Bean himself, Ravna, Mama, and Theron. They're all so full of their own unique personalities, yet all seem so real and like people with whom I've love to share a drink.

sfbell09 » 17 Aug 2015 » Reply

I'm partial to Thaddeus and Brutus. They are a great odd couple, bound tragically together. Of course I enjoy Thaddeus's snark, too.

goosefairy » 17 Aug 2015 » Reply

Well, my favorite is still Siv. Still sad he died. *sob* Loving the color. Your line work was always spectacular but the color adds such richness.

    dubiuousbyhabit » 17 Aug 2015 » Reply

    Gods, yes. Siv's death was incredibly well-delivered, Trav. There was this hollow feeling as well as the thought of "wait, that can happen in this comic?" I'm not sure that I'd rank it quite as high as [SPOILER ALERT] Wash's death in terms of sudden heartbreak, but it was still pretty impressive.

      goosefairy » 17 Aug 2015 » Reply

      Yes, so true. I was sure that he wasn't really dead. Surely Travis will find a way to bring him back! I was in denial for a while.

      Celidah » 17 Aug 2015 » Reply

      I don't usually openly cry over character deaths–no, not even Wash's death–but I did over Siv's. No character death has before or since then hit me as hard. It was amazingly well-done.

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