The Bean 650
The Bean 650
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patreonsmalladToday is update 650. Can you believe it- 650 updates … wow…. wow. The saga just keeps growing and  as I look back I am enjoying the growth and maturity in my art. It’s an interesting journey looking back over ones work for the last several years and seeing where it is going.



arphaus » 12 Sep 2015 » Reply

Loving the color – it adds so much atmosphere, with sources of light & all. Definitely a change for the better.

Just_IDD » 9 Sep 2015 » Reply

The banner says they are a city of the White Hall, But our characters’ experience says they are not.

Ruthie » 31 Aug 2015 » Reply

Awesome page! The darkness, the ominous mask, and the perfect detail of that rain splashing off the assassin's head. Is that banner meant to be for the beast king? The rose reminds me of Siv. *sniff*

    Trav the bean » 7 Sep 2015 » Reply

    the rose means they are a city that belongs to the kingdom of the white hall

Scott » 25 Aug 2015 » Reply

Hmmmm…. is he carrying a white backpack? Or is that just a rogue white cloud *behind* him???

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