The Bean 654
The Bean 654
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patreonsmallad This week is Salt Lake City Comic Con week. I am soo looking forward to hanging out at this show. Come hang out for free sketches and all sorts of fun.




wnp » 22 Sep 2015 » Reply

Everyone knows sho controls the ziff trade controls the beast king. He calls that a win win it doesn't matter to him whether Whitehall wins or loses.

Just_IDD » 21 Sep 2015 » Reply

Wow that’s unusual, a dastardly do-er that knows exactly the level he wants to play at and makes it very plain that’s as far as he wishes to go.

    Andy » 21 Sep 2015 » Reply

    Then again, he's not likely to admit any further ambitions, is he?

    Celidah » 22 Sep 2015 » Reply

    Unusual, and smart.

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