The Bean 653
The Bean 653
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Just_IDD » 14 Sep 2015 » Reply

I’d leave out the “the” between the “so” and “boy” That could be considered a character speaking trait. If you wanted to go that route you could change the bubble to “So, Boy is then nothing to us.” As a musing inflection, and leads nicely to the third bubble with the question.

Mike C. » 14 Sep 2015 » Reply

Heya Trav! I think you have an extra 'than' in the third panel. I love the use of shading here – it really sets the mood.

    Celidah » 14 Sep 2015 » Reply

    Also, I think that "the" should be between "so" and "boy" (i.e. "so the boy"). Agreed with Mike, the shading really makes this page. 🙂

    Trav the bean » 17 Sep 2015 » Reply

    ok guys i fixed it – thanks for the catch

      ThePuck1 » 22 Sep 2015 » Reply

      Actually Trav, it still reads, " so the boy is nothing than to us?", and it probably should read "so the boy is nothing to us then?" which makes a lot more sense.

      ~ Puck

        Trav the bean » 22 Sep 2015 » Reply

        ill fix it when i get back into town 🙂

          Roy » 23 Nov 2015 »

          Don't forget!

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