The Bean 670
The Bean 670
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patreonsmalladBean makes a choice….

First I started a new redbubble account click here for trav’s redbubble store This is were you will find a ton of new shirt and mug designs. I finally figured it was time to offer my work on shirts etc… if there is a design you want to see online- than just send me a note and I will see about putting them up.

I also have finished the next Little Lost Tales book and it is available for presale here to preorder … The book goes to print – tomorrow.thedaisyandkisscover

These are a new series of fun small complete books by me. Which I hope you enjoy. Thanks again for all the incredible support and more pages to bean are coming. Keep creating…


Celidah » 12 Jan 2016 » Reply

Well…that's one way to make him sit down.

Megaben » 12 Jan 2016 » Reply

Interesting that Tillian is left-handed. Well, interesting to me, anyway.

    CarrieVS » 2 Jan 2017 » Reply

    I'm less interested than disappointed. When we first saw Siv draw his sword – way back now – he seemed to be left-handed. I was pleased and excited to see a good guy, indeed a hero, who was a leftie with it not appearing to be a plot point, because it's so very rare. But Siv never seemed to keep a consistent hand and since then it seems to be a lot of bad guys and very few others holding weapons in their left hands.

    It's the one minority you can still stereotype as unpleasant people with no justification and honestly it upset me, more than it probably should.

      Nic » 12 Aug 2017 » Reply

      FREE SHOT; after all it is not as if there is something sinister about left handers.

Erelannon » 11 Jan 2016 » Reply

Trav: you said "Bean is creating a situation."

No, I believe his is *resolving* a long-standing situation LOL

bryanew710 » 11 Jan 2016 » Reply

Why was that a question?

    Erelannon » 11 Jan 2016 » Reply

    Yes. Should be "Sit down, old man!!"

      bryanew710 » 11 Jan 2016 » Reply

      I was wondering if I'd missed something subtle!

        Trav the bean » 11 Jan 2016 » Reply

        no you guys are right- missed that 🙂 will fix later today

Mike » 11 Jan 2016 » Reply

Go Bean! Put that arrogant, dirt bag dad in his place

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