The Bean 673
The Bean 673
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patreonsmalladOn the edge of a knife we sit….

It’s nice having most of the crew back together let me tell you… well some of them anyways.

Keep creating




wnp » 6 Feb 2016 » Reply

Bean has made the first step admitting a madness has come over him and has yet to meet the one who can free him from it. Tia will help til he does.

Celidah » 1 Feb 2016 » Reply

A bit of out hand? A BIT???

Golux » 1 Feb 2016 » Reply

Daddy needs some Helixshire whomping. Didn't learn much in the past few minutes did he. Schemer thinks he's got a son to control to give him back all the wealth and power he's wasted over his lifetime. Yeah, once a loser, always a loser.

Mike » 1 Feb 2016 » Reply

Too dumb to live me thinks 😉

Dweeve » 1 Feb 2016 » Reply

death wish. Too proud to live.

hoomi2 » 1 Feb 2016 » Reply

He's already been whupped by Bean, and now he's telling Papa and Otter what to do?

Slow learner, obviously.

    John » 5 Feb 2016 » Reply

    That's not telling, that's reccomending

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