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The Bean 680
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Good morning- Been a rough weekend… had a car stolen in front of the house. 2nd time a car has been stolen, same car … honda civic… It’s frustrating to deal with and yet I decided that I was not going to let the situation control my emotions. So I went out … bought some flowers and replanted one of my flower beds.  I need to have a little happiness and beauty in a moment of frustration.

It’s one of the ways I deal with rough situations.

I’m ok though and we will make it through.  Just it throws a little kink in my work flow… but a couple extra late nights and i will get it back on track. Sorry for my vent, just needed to get it out.



sparkplug54 » 21 Mar 2016 » Reply

Second panel is missing the word "go"
Proofers anonymous. 🙂

    trav » 23 Mar 2016 » Reply

    fixed and thank you

      sparkplug54 » 23 Mar 2016 » Reply

      My pleasure, to add to what is normally perfection.

Celidah » 21 Mar 2016 » Reply

Again? That's rough. I hope the flowers bloom large, beautifully, and that you can smell their aroma for miles.

    trav » 23 Mar 2016 » Reply

    they are doing that…

littledragonblue » 21 Mar 2016 » Reply

I also have had the same car stolen twice: 91 Honda Accord. The cops said they're extremely easy to steal, and that criminals often use them as getaway vehicles in the commission of bigger crimes. Both times, the car was found abandoned within a few miles of the house within a day or 2.

Hope those flowers are beautiful!

    trav » 23 Mar 2016 » Reply

    the flowers are blooming and make me smile everytime i walk out the door.

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