The Bean 681
The Bean 681
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Just coming off of wondercon and boy am i tired… but I am happy-  and that is important.

anyways wanted to get this up for everyone.




Celidah » 30 Mar 2016 » Reply

But Tia's moving further away from Mama, too…can Tia keep Tia from being mad?

    trav » 31 Mar 2016 » Reply

    i am not sure… tia… might be struggling with other issues as well. She is completely out of her element .

Seros Senric » 29 Mar 2016 » Reply

Tia is pretty cool.
And always nice to hear more about the weave.

    trav » 31 Mar 2016 » Reply

    yup i like adding bits and pieces as we move forward with the story…

      Random Guy » 4 Apr 2016 » Reply

      I keep hearing her in Ducky's voice(Land Before Time).

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