The Bean 689
The Bean 689
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Things are happening.

The adventure – is moving on.




Trav the bean » 24 May 2016 » Reply

i think the colors are adding such a new dimension to the story…. I love how they are bring out emotion and depth.

And they are returning sivs sword to the white hall- this is important- but they had to go underground because their path was blocked above ground bu the rats

Ruthie » 23 May 2016 » Reply

And, now the colors are scary effective. That is to say: both scary and effective and bringing the mood to an even darker place. As Ravna well knows, as tough as you are, death is still horrifying, especially when it comes unexpectedly and suddenly. Hm… I forget already why they are down here and what they are looking for. Time to reread the archives

    Just_IDD » 24 May 2016 » Reply

    They were traveling underground to return Siv's sword to the white castle and to try and warn them before the rats arrived.

Celidah » 23 May 2016 » Reply

Nooooo, Paddinaulk! I liked that guy.

Poor Ravna, too. She's seen so much death & suffering lately.

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