The Bean 751
The Bean 751
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a dark secret….


hoomi2 » 1 Nov 2017 » Reply

I suspect a busy Con season and how LOTP is taking off, is robbing "The Bean" of too much of Trav's time.

Pcemakr » 20 Oct 2017 » Reply

Hey Trav, how often are you updating this now. I love Bean and I'm always hungry for more. I may have missed an update when you said that you were not posting as often and I know that life gets busy. Please keep up the great work!

    Trav the bean » 17 Nov 2017 » Reply

    i try every monday – and now that the shows for the year are done i can really get back into my groove as well.

hoomi2 » 9 Oct 2017 » Reply


    Dvon E » 10 Oct 2017 » Reply

    Probably not. What does one usually need a man and a woman to make?

      evileeyore » 16 Oct 2017 » Reply

      A messy drama.

        Deoxy » 19 Oct 2017 » Reply

        No, any number of women can accomplish that without any man's involvement.

          hoomi2 » 1 Nov 2017 »

          Any number of men can make that, too, without a woman's involvement.

          We're all pretty capable of making drama, especially when we start mixing gender stereotypes into the mix.

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