The Bean 752
The Bean 752
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now that the shows are done- and things have slowed down a little i can get back to my focus on the bean.  sorry for being off and on – especially with lotp being such a huge hit as well. 🙂 Running two comics- can be tough.




Jerry Runnels » 29 Jan 2018 » Reply

I like The Bean. I couldn't care less about Life of the Party. I Am tired of waiting for updates . I'm about ready to delete this.

    trav » 29 Jan 2018 » Reply

    hi jerry- bean will be back- i got super sick and also lotp is now paying my bills were bean is still a labor of love. I am working my way back into it. I am sorry for the delay.
    I do apologize

Mike » 24 Jan 2018 » Reply

Ack! Hearing that the flu season is pretty rough this year. Hope you kick whatever creeping crud that has a hold of you in the jimmies and return to us

Kuggur » 23 Jan 2018 » Reply

Get well soon!
Love your comic!

Bruce » 20 Jan 2018 » Reply

Have you given up on this Trav?

    Travis hanson » 22 Jan 2018 » Reply

    Nope I am still working on it. I just got really sick

      Bruce » 22 Jan 2018 » Reply

      Oh dear, I hope you're doing better. We're haveing major health issues here in my home, so I understand. I'll keep looking for updayts.
      Be well.

HuntingGuide » 12 Jan 2018 » Reply

Yeah, I also love comic, but sometimes learn about a new topic like Hunting. I am following What are you doing all?

jacquiemilner » 2 Jan 2018 » Reply

Eagerly awaiting the next post here…

Hoomi » 18 Dec 2017 » Reply

Dang, they're sure taking their sweet time killing this guy!

goosefairy » 12 Dec 2017 » Reply

Trying to contact you via your 'contact' link but the form appears to be broken. Have a question for you.

Lurker » 24 Nov 2017 » Reply

Good to see this comic updating again. Was wondering what happened.

Very nice plot twist here!

Celidah » 14 Nov 2017 » Reply

Well…that's not where I saw this going at all.


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