The Bean 67
The Bean 67
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I am excited as I get close to finishing off this section of the comic in color. This means I will have the first two chapters of the comic of the bean almost done. It has been a very long road, yet I know that the road, though rocky is worth it. So many people have asked when I am going to release the book in color. I have wondered that myself, I have always wanted to – but the time was not right. As I work through the next few pages and finish up book 4 (which should go to press in a few days) I will sit down and figure out about doing another kickstarter to finally get the books completed in full color.

It will mean that I will have to split each b/w books into two books a piece- but that might be the only way to get the color books out in the open. It will also open distribution doors for the bean, something that I have not been able to achieve with the comic being b/w.

It will be nice to see this happen- I am thinking that I want the novels to be hardcover. I think it will add so much more to these stories.

Thank you for your support- your willingness to believe in my story and my artwork. I am grateful how you have allowed me over the years to tell this story. You have been a guiding light, that keeps me drawing- that keeps the stories coming and the dream stay bright.

Thank you

Enjoy today’s color update




Emma » 20 May 2011 » Reply

The beast pulling the wagon looks like a giant shi-tzu

Micael Wisner » 17 Dec 2010 » Reply

I love this comic! But you kind of tricked me with the full color images. Keep up the good work!

    Trav the bean » 17 Dec 2010 » Reply

    Sorry about that- i know color would have made it better- but that will just have to come later

Brandon » 15 Jun 2010 » Reply

Heh I love the beast that is pulling the wagon, hope to see more of it / him!

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