The Bean 98
The Bean 98
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patreonsmalladGood morning- another page goes up…. wohoo!




Dranorter » 10 Mar 2018 » Reply

Well! I wonder what that was.

djaynewman » 30 Jun 2010 » Reply

I just found it today and am running through. I'm finding a lot of things here, maybe some not intended. Some Lovecraft, some Tolkien (the rhyming thing that took Bean reminded me of one of his poems "Where the Mewlips Dwell"), and a lot of Travis. The art reminds me of the film Wizards, but isn't the same.

    beanleafpress » 1 Jul 2010 » Reply

    🙂 i like the lot of trav part:) I am though a big fan of tolkien and several other great authors and illustrators and there is influence the main goal is though to make it my own

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