The Bean 588
The Bean 588
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Celidah » 17 Jun 2014 » Reply

Oh! Oh! Is Crow-Man going to be important to the story? I MUST KNOW

wnp » 17 Jun 2014 » Reply

Otter really means he should keep all his senses alert hearing, smell, taste and touch too.

    Celidah » 17 Jun 2014 » Reply

    I dunno. It sounds like he may want to turn off his sense of smell as much as he can, or he might be overwhelmed. 😛 Hearing and touch, though, definitely keep alert.

q`Tzal » 16 Jun 2014 » Reply

A wretched hive of scum and villainy?

sfbell09 » 16 Jun 2014 » Reply

The stranger with the bird emblems on his hat and coat/cloak, reminds me of my first lead miniature for D&D. It was a Puritan type with, oddly enough, a cutlass. I wonder what this gentleman's significance is considering both the look Otter gave as he went by and the previous page's similar shadow. Can't wait to find out!

    rfaramir » 17 Jun 2014 » Reply

    They were already walking away from the similar shadow on the previous page, so I doubt it was this guy. This garb seems common in this area.

    Unless he was behind them and purposefully got in front of them so he could pass them again! Dun-dun-dunnnnn!

      sfbell09 » 19 Jun 2014 » Reply

      True, but it could be a society of watchers, you know, watching them…Of course one sure way to ruin your secret society's secret is to wear uniforms.

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