The Bean 389
The Bean 389
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Can you believe we are about to break the 390 mark. I am a little blown away by that. The scary thing is we have a long ways to go and I am just at the tip of the ice-berg.

Well last night we got in at about 12:30. I am a little tired. Some of you might have noticed that I hadn’t posted my normal update with the comic. After 4 days of traveling and 3 full working days at a show, I was thinking of only one thing last night and that was sleep.

So here I am now, with a quick report of the ACE comic con in New Mexico. I will give a more in-depth review later.

The show was fun. I saw a lot of neat people, some familiar faces and many new ones. Talked with some old friends and also got a few pages drawn. My wife went with me and let me tell you, she truly is an incredible lady. She ran that show and the constant shoulder rubs were fantastic. I really enjoyed working with her. We were kidless this  last weekend, which made for a unusually quiet, yet adventurous weekend. We were also mugged. I met yet another Travis Hanson, and had Stan Lee walk by us and tell us good morning. That was nice. In a nutshell, I had a good time and if they invite us back I will prob go. I will though be posting a full review later.

Other than that, I get home to a full workload before SDCC. Several Commissions and ton of Bean and Bear work. It’s gonna be a wild few months.

Well keep creating and more updates to come-