The Bean 390
The Bean 390
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So many cool things happening right now. I wish I honestly had a little more time to get even more done. The biggest news is blog post

Bean vol 3: Broken Souls & kickstarter preview…

This is exactly what it means. The 3rd book of bean has a name and will start it’s kickstarter run very very soon. I felt it was important to share what the rewards were going to be early. There are some really special ones as well, including maps to the underground and the brokenmoon.

Also I am working through several other projects. Pirate Bears, Commissions and more Bean Pages. I am feeling pretty energized.

I do hope you are enjoying the story right now… and you know- lets do some Q&A today. We’ll talk bean. Ask away and I will answer as much as I can spoiler free.

So keep creating my friends- and enjoy the grand adventure that life has to offer.