The Bean 104
The Bean 104
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that guy » 2 Aug 2011 » Reply

Don't worry bean. if he kills you, who'll get his precious sword? gollum, gollum………

Brandon » 16 Jun 2010 » Reply

LOL I thought the same as Susan!

You are as it said!
Now get into that hole before I strike you down dead!

He is definitely scary here, I love how he's bat-like with his cape, ears and teeth here.

    Trav the bean » 15 Dec 2010 » Reply

    no the rhyme is only a part of his madness and when one suffers mental breakdowns of sorts, their tone and words become…well…very unpredictable

susan » 10 Jun 2010 » Reply

AHAHAH! old troll got so mad he forgot to rhyme!

I found your site through Astray3 and I am loving it! Started at the beginning and just loving it!

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