The Bean 175
The Bean 175
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Page 175 and other Tid Bits-

Well the Q&A on the last update was a bust, but that’s ok, I figure that the questions are answering themselves. I do hope the new updating schedule has been easy on you as well. I hate changing things up at times, yet sometimes change is good.

Recommended Reads

I have two today, that I thought I would plug. Just click on the links and go check them out. I enjoy finding new comics all the time. If they are good, in art, writing and updates, I plug the heck out of them. These two are awesome. Just as good as Moon Town. So go and check them out.

Webcomic Awards

Well I just put my vote in for the webcomic awards. I choose several off my own linked pages. Sometimes I feel that so many great comics get overlooked and awards are really just another means of advertising, I also think they deserve some recognition. The nice thing is you can vote for 3 comics in each category.

The nomination system is fantastic in my opinion. You can’t toot your own horn. I like that. Also you have to be involved in the industry, meaning being involved in the production of a webcomic or comic yourself, to nominate. So if you are I would take a moment and nominate a few your self. Raise the bar sort to speak. If you need some examples of some fantastic webcomics, just go to my links area and spend a few hours reading yourself. Then click the webcomic list awards banner and go nominate  them.

Big Thanks

Also a huge thanks to all those that promote the Bean. I really appreciate the support, it has been nice to drop in a few other webcomics and find they are reading you as well. Very cool. Thanks again.

Thoughts on 175

I find it amazing that I have 175 pages up today and that I just finished page 249. I cannot believe how well the story is flowing now and I am jazzed to finally get past bean finding the sword and into the real meat of act II.  I am enjoying this. Especially being able to flesh Siv out a bit.

One thing though is I do like the build up. I know it took awhile for the action to get going, but let me ask you was it worth it?

Well back to the table, there is much still to do.

Keep creating