The Bean 230
The Bean 230
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Well here is todays update.

It’s been a wonderful weekend and the new newsletter is off. I am having a good time putting that together.

Ok back to the Badger. I must say I really like him for some awful reason. He’s a slob of a man, yet still intelligent in the ways of strategy and war. He’s just pure evil and though the collector was evil and nuts, the badger is more just evil and aggressive.

Also posted the new print for the chinese book. Go and check it out in the blog below.

Last but not least, if you are lost or not familiar with the book, just start from the beginning.

Well keep creating



Andy » 11 Apr 2011 » Reply

Bean's sword, I'd guess 😉

    Trav the bean » 11 Apr 2011 » Reply


      John » 13 Apr 2011 » Reply

      Ah yes, they were looking for it. I forgot. I was thinking they had something in the camp too.

        Trav the bean » 13 Apr 2011 » Reply

        they a full army of goblins in the camp, but that is a little hard for siv to sneak out:)

John » 11 Apr 2011 » Reply

What weapon? oO

    Trav the bean » 11 Apr 2011 » Reply

    ohhhh you gonna have to read the whole thing john:)

Tom » 11 Apr 2011 » Reply

Congrats on the nomination, Trav! Much deserved!

Glennnn » 11 Apr 2011 » Reply

Does it mean you will have to wear Mickey Mouse ears if you win? 😉
Oh well, looks like a battle ahead- and they have a sekret weapon ?
Oh oh.

Mike » 11 Apr 2011 » Reply

The storyline is flowing really well! Oh and congrats on the Eisner nomination!

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