The Bean 231
The Bean 231
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So the dust has settled.

Its pretty easy to get caught up in the moment. After the shock, I spent some quality time reading each of the nominees. I was very very impressed. I am reading them all the way through and found some very beautiful and distinct story telling techniques. It seems we are all over the spectrum as well. Fanstasy, prohibition, comedy…etc. That makes thing even more interesting.

Also now that the nods out, the opinions will fly. People will love us or hate us. Agree with the Eisner judges or not, who deserves it and does not. Personally I from what I have seen, I am delighted to see the Bar being raised. A legit feel to a group of creators that is often overlooked and I am proud to be counted amount these web creators. I encourage you to take a moment to see the worlds these talented people have created and immerse yourself in them.

I also would encourage to read their whole archive. If you only read 20 pages than you will miss the magic they create. So my hat is off and I look forward to continue reading some awesome comics.

Now that I am a little more grounded, yet still very excited, it is time to go back to the original plan. What is that? To finish telling my epic and to tell it my way.  To keep updating 3 times a week and then put them into books for you. That goal has not changed. So back to the table to pencil and ink a little more….and play in my own little world.



  • Abominable Charles Christopher, by Karl Kerschl,
    Great read here. I was familiar with it but I had not gotten into it until now.
  • The Bean, by Travis Hanson, This guy well… you’ll have to make your own conclusions here.
  • Lackadaisy, by Tracy Butler, My kids are a huge fans of Tracy’s work which puts them in a pickle on who to vote for, she got a good book as well. Hats off to her for helping bring webcomics up several notches.
  • Max Overacts, by Caanan Grall, Caanan’s stuff is fantastic. Another great read and his art is fantastic. Good Job sir.
  • Zahra’s Paradise, by Amir and Khalil, I am not to familiar with Amir and Khalil’s work. I will have to check it out, from what I have seen it looks interesting and pretty good. Worth a look.