The Bean 232
The Bean 232
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232 pages and still going strong. I also finished 2 more inks for the next issue. So we are pushing hard to keep that buffer full.

So today lets make it a Q&A day. Anything about the bean, me, technique, inspiration … whatever. Though most of you know I’ll answer regardless even without a Q&A day.

So keep creating…



Tommy » 21 Apr 2011 » Reply

Hmm…Q&A is three days old at best, but it's worth a shot.

One thing I notice throughout Bean are the runes and letters. Especially in the Collector's Lair. I am under the assumption that, with your depth of world building, you have a viable alphabet and possibly even syntax worked out and are not just randomly jotting out strings of illegible characters. My question is, do you hide secrets in those unreadable words? I couldn't help but notice the writing on some forgotten scraps of paper on page 137, and I instantly wondered if they meant anything.

    Tommy » 21 Apr 2011 » Reply

    Page 89…not 137… XD

    Trav the bean » 23 Apr 2011 » Reply

    i hide all sorts of secrets:) and all the writing has some meaning and direction.

Glennnn » 16 Apr 2011 » Reply

Webcomix come in all styles.
What works for one artist might not work for another.
The most fantastic color work I’ve seen looks like it goes directly from sketch to painting.
Inking and then filling with color can be just as impressive, but the more hands there are in the process the more energy is required. The style is also at risk when the art becomes the product of several people.
Much better to have the pure stuff that comes from the artist’s vision and talent !

    Trav the bean » 17 Apr 2011 » Reply

    they sure do, my last article talked about it. It's good to see people understand where I am coming from

scott » 16 Apr 2011 » Reply

I love your artwork! I don't check in as often as I would like, but I try to stay up to date on the bean 🙂 my questions is: Can I be in the story? 😀 jk, actual question: How long does it take you to finish a page? I've always had problems in my own art with patience… I seem to only be able to draw for an hour or so before I get frustrated that its not done then I have to take a break before going at it again… only problem is I seem to lose my inspiration half the time :

    Trav the bean » 17 Apr 2011 » Reply

    that's funny you ask that scott- I just did a full article on that in shop talk. Each page is unique some I have to do over, which can be quite frustrating. On average its about 2.5 to 3 hours per page though some have taken 4…. You have to condition yourself and even at times force you to continue. To keep your inspiration sketch it out first. just several quick sketches, keep them at the table and this will help you out.

Fira » 15 Apr 2011 » Reply

The first thing I thought when reading the Q&A post was, 'when would he *not* answer a question about art?' xD Which is a good thing! Then I wondered how exactly you do the art…I mean, the b/w takes planning, surely. What happens when you color it? Can this version be colored with all the black in it, or do you go back to an earlier sketch?

Another thing I thought of is how you ended up with this drawing style. Most artists probably go to art school of some sort, but obviously they can't all stick exactly with what they're taught, because that would be boring! So…how do artists develop their own individual styles (If it's something that can be explained)? Since I'm still definitely in the beginning stages of being an artist, if there's any tips about developing character in art, I'd sure like to know!

    Trav the bean » 15 Apr 2011 » Reply

    lol- yeah i will talk anything about art.- in fact I just posted a whole deal about color and inks in the blog. This version is set to color as is – the b/w only enhances it so these inks are exactly what i will work with when i color. You can see the examples of colors in the travs art section.

    As for schooling, I am self taught school was not an option, so i learned as a cartoonist at a print shop in the industry. Individual Style is something that comes with practice and pushing yourself. It takes time but it is something that must be developed. You can be taught technique, but you still need to find your own. I was in my early 30's when started to be happy with my artwork.
    The main thing is to practice.

Trav the bean » 15 Apr 2011 » Reply

you are making sense

the bean has always been b/w though… i did have a talented friend color some pages, but in the end he couldn't commit so I pulled the color. I know what the color has to look like, I kinda want to do it myself. I just need this (the bean) to replace all the other work i am doing right now, than the color would get done faster.

Color would be cool, finishing the story is top priority. Jeff Smith waited cause he understood the importance of finishing his tale. Build the fan base, solid sales and then when the time was right Bone was colored. I am modeling my game plan much after that.

Yet if I find the right colorist that is willing to go the distance with me on this… (i really picky as well) than the game plan will change. Yet that is the problem, whos willing to go the distance on a project that even I dont make much money on right now, the comics are paid for so i am not in the red, but I take other gigs to keep food on the table. Not that I am complaining, I am very pleased on the bean's direction, it's production and how things are growing. Now comes the other important thing in projects like this… patience:)

That's just my thoughts

kickstarter is awesome, I going to use for another project as well.

ilkka » 15 Apr 2011 » Reply

Omg what some color would do to that first box of todays comic 🙂
nice work!
So what was your about coloring The Bean? i would be interest in bying the whole series in color..

Glennnn » 15 Apr 2011 » Reply

So that lizard-thing is sentient and intelligent- this is an awesome display of information-
but that also means that Bean is in BIG TROUBLE !!
Nothing like a little suspense to keep the story going…. ; )

    Trav the bean » 15 Apr 2011 » Reply

    the Gre-nels are not just your average dumb beast- they are there for a reason:) they are tough and as you can see can weave as well, which makes them dangerous. Yet as we have seen in the comic, they are not invincible.

Hyptosis » 15 Apr 2011 » Reply

Grats on the freaking nomination buddy! Holy smokes. I'm all 'I knew him when he was on elfwood' to my friends now. 😀

    Hyptosis » 15 Apr 2011 » Reply

    Like, seriously dude, it was before I was in college. That was, um, in 2000. :O

      Trav the bean » 15 Apr 2011 » Reply

      i know it was a long time ago. so what are you doing now?

    Trav the bean » 15 Apr 2011 » Reply

    dude- what's up? I do hope you are still coloring and working????
    Elfwood:) that's a name I haven't heard in a while. Thanks on the gras

      Emma » 21 May 2011 » Reply

      Oh my god, you used Elfwood? I've hardly ever heard it mentioned outside the site itself.

        Trav the bean » 2 Jun 2011 » Reply

        elfwood used to be full of some of the most incredible illustrators around…but they made changes and we all jumped ship and headed to deviant. It used to be really big but that was 10 years ago

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