The Bean 235
The Bean 235
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Ok -I will post later. It’s been a long week and i am trying to catch up.


idd » 25 Apr 2011 » Reply

They have to stop to swap drivers? This isn't a car, its a cart. The giant sheepdog thing (thats what we need the latin for ) will keep plodding along, it isnt like it is being driven eg whiped. A driver is there to make sure it goes straight by pulling its head one way or the other. doesnt look like they are going fast either.

Fira » 23 Apr 2011 » Reply

Giant sheepdog thing! =D I love that giant sheepdog thing, but does the species have a name? (I mean, it sounds kind of dumb to say "Yay giant sheepdog thing!")

    Trav the bean » 23 Apr 2011 » Reply

    we're going to have name it….hmmmm what shall we call him?

      Andy » 23 Apr 2011 » Reply

      I think giant sheepdog thing sounds great! 🙂

        Trav the bean » 23 Apr 2011 » Reply

        we need something more fantasyish… it is though a type of ox

          Fira » 24 Apr 2011 »

          Hmm… Well, it seems like it probably has a gentle, placid, temperament. The mannerisms of it could narrow down the name choices more. I'll start thinking of Latin words that might work (Although that might be a little cheesy considering how many other fantasy stories use Latin. However, Latin's probably the only dead language being taught at the public highschool level, so it's all I've got.).

          idd » 25 Apr 2011 »

          probably not in the correct form, but how about "magnus pilosus ovis bovis"

          Trav the bean » 25 Apr 2011 »

          i like that….

          Kuroude7 » 27 Apr 2011 »

          Since it looks like a sheepdog, how 'bout calling it a Shepherd Ox?

          Trav the bean » 27 Apr 2011 »

          hmmmm not bad

          Trav the bean » 25 Apr 2011 »

          true- ok were are going to have to think about this a little more:)

Puck » 23 Apr 2011 » Reply

I was looking at all the background details, and I was struck by how much it resembles 'Calvin and Hobbs'. I mean that as a compliment, and not as a "You, sir, are ripping off Bill Watterson", but rather you have similar styles.

    Trav the bean » 23 Apr 2011 » Reply

    i love bill wattersons work- so i take that as a compliment- thank you

Andy » 22 Apr 2011 » Reply

I'd almost forgotten about these two, I wonder how they tie into the story..

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