The Bean 236
The Bean 236
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One of the most important things for a weekly cartoonist is that you have to continually push forward. Even when you are worn down and don’t want to. This is what makes cartoonist successful. The willingness to keep drawing pages even when you don’t want to.

Don’t get me wrong I love what I do, but I am also human and life rolls in valleys and hills. Some weeks I am so on it is insane. 12 to 13 pages other weeks I am lucky to nail 3 a week. Yet I still have to do 3 a week. 3 a week keeps the balance strong and the pool full.

Like I have said before – webcomics – are like newspaper comics. You have to do so many a day to keep the ball rolling. If you are committing to updating 1 or 2 a week than you need to produce a minimum of 2 a week. Even when “life” gets in the way.  That is what will set you apart from the others. When others stop updating and you keep at it. People will notice.

Well enough rambling today – 🙂



Ehol » 27 Apr 2011 » Reply

I understand your reasons and i appreciate the fact you're so committed.
But I think that life has the edge over the comic: I think you could slow your pace in case you're in need of … and still many readers would come back to you, if the story is something that catches their attention.
I am negative to hyatuses, but if life urges you, life needs you more than your comic.

    Trav the bean » 27 Apr 2011 » Reply

    oh i have no intentions of slowing down. I am rebuilding my buffer as we speak:) yet I am grateful that so many people are just enjoying the story. My latest discussion topic has really opened my eyes a bit:)


Kora » 26 Apr 2011 » Reply

I Hope the draft-dog gets some yummy goblins to eat

    Trav the bean » 26 Apr 2011 » Reply

    i dont know they seem pretty docile

      Kora » 26 Apr 2011 » Reply

      I once had a lap dog.. He would sleep all day and just love the world. One day someone broke into my house with a knife, He left missing half his hand. So its the quiet ones you must watch out for because they will protect you with there life

        Trav the bean » 27 Apr 2011 » Reply

        that is true. we thought the same way about the little quiet kid at school – when he was pushed to the limit man he was a wolverine in hiding.

Trav the bean » 26 Apr 2011 » Reply

🙂 someone has been paying attention… oh yes they are….

moontown » 26 Apr 2011 » Reply

Today's comic does a good job of keeping the art clear. Way to use those blacks!

    Trav the bean » 26 Apr 2011 » Reply

    thanks my friend- i am glad you are enjoying this:) heavy inks sometimes scare me a bit.

Lax » 25 Apr 2011 » Reply

Trav, it's cool that you're so dedicated, but know when to slow down and look at things in real life. Sometimes that one week hiatus is inevitable, stuff happens

Hoomi » 25 Apr 2011 » Reply

Love the draft-dog!

    Trav the bean » 25 Apr 2011 » Reply

    he loves you as well

      Emma » 21 May 2011 » Reply

      That's what we should call it- a draft-dog! Does he like gettign his belly rubbed?

        Trav the bean » 2 Jun 2011 » Reply

        he's rather big – i do not know if you could rub his belly:)

Francis James Hogan » 25 Apr 2011 » Reply

I enjoy your work on every level. Life and it's challenges are a bitter tonic to creative exploits.

Nas » 25 Apr 2011 » Reply

I wonder what happpen to the place the son came home from. Maybe a civil war?

    Trav the bean » 25 Apr 2011 » Reply

    Oh…we'll delve into that later:)

      idd » 28 Apr 2011 » Reply

      I’m guessing trouble at court has him hiding with the family. It is a time honored solution that even works today. I’m guessing lady trouble or perhaps he stepped on a powerful person’s toes and left before any killing needed to happen what with a name like “Fencer” and all.

Hyptosis » 25 Apr 2011 » Reply

Very cool page!

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