The Bean 239
The Bean 239
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So who’s your favorite character? why?

justΒ  curious.

Also the best way to read the bean is complete or in chunks. I understand that so if your feeling lost head on back a ways and start reading in groups. This is an epic… it is how i see it and I am not writing it to be read as a daily but as a series.




Random Guy » 30 Jul 2012 » Reply

They shot the puppy!

Odo » 5 May 2011 » Reply

Hmm.. I forbear but briefly to point out that the leads on draft and riding animals are reins, not reigns.

The dynamic sense of movement is great!

Ehol » 4 May 2011 » Reply

Bean, Siv, Ravna and Groggle. Practically all at the Silver Dagger except for Gort πŸ™‚
Maybe because they are the first characters you meet when you begin reading the story … or maybe because you are really darn good at developing characters, Mr Hanson πŸ™‚

@Rafnasil » 3 May 2011 » Reply

The happy flowerchild and optimist in me loves Per for his mysterious air, cast-iron backbone and sensibility. The other half of me who sees Poe and Clark Ashton Smith as a jolly bit of fun loves the sinister, fractured and insane mind of The Collector and loves the rhyming.

    @Rafnasil » 4 May 2011 » Reply

    I KNOW I wrote Siv and not Per last night, and now when I check again it says Per, For Shame!

Andy » 3 May 2011 » Reply

Siv, like I've said before, my kind of character!
Least favourite: rhyming troll. The character itself is intriguing, but long-winded rhyming is not my thing at all, but I seem to be a minority πŸ™‚

A.C. » 3 May 2011 » Reply

Siv is my favourite character, but honestly, I LOVE all the little background creatures of the forest. Reminds me a little of all the details Shirow puts into his backgrounds. πŸ™‚

Also, as many have said, the rhyming troll gets an honorable mention, if only because in spite of his rather vicious/cruel demeanor, he was rather fascinating.


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