The Bean 240
The Bean 240
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Things are just not getting any better for the Pers….

Ok since most of the people that read the comic read these posts and last time we did favorite characters – how about lets find the right actors to play the casts of bean. Yes we did this before a long while back.. but now we have gotten a chance to get to know them a little better…. opinions might have changed on who could play who

So here’s the Bean cast so far…. and who would you choose to portray them? actually the cast list is growing…so maybe we should focus on one an update:)

So Casting Agent lets start with our Rhyming Red Rock Troll…

The Collector…. played by…. and why…..

This should be fun and once we have a bunch a names we’ll vote on your suggestions:)



Phil Shorter » 1 Aug 2011 » Reply

Bill Nighy hands down. He's a great mask actor (Davy Jones in Pirates 2 anyone?), carries a mean voice role (Rattlesnake Jake in Rango), and has immense nuance and gravitas (which he demonstrated in Valkyrie).

Emma » 21 May 2011 » Reply

I don't knwo, I don't really keep track of actors. Billie Piper might make a good Ravna

Mala » 13 May 2011 » Reply

The face of that cart-pulling beast is just like my dog.

Bob » 6 May 2011 » Reply

Gary Busse….just crazy enough


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