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The Bean 241
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Ok 10 pages left to ink for issue 8 -wo-wo!

Now last update we started to cast the different characters of the series. We started with the collector. There were 7 great choices. I was very impressed. So when all the actors have been thrown out there we will start polling on who the perfect cast for a bean movie would be.

This update we will tackle Siv- Remember he is an older gent in his late 40’s prob.  You’ve seen him in action and you have an inkling on his persona… so let’s find the right actor to play him.

Siv….. Best Actor to Portray him …. Why….

Just list your suggestions below and make your case. Looking forward to who you suggest.

Keep on creating –



Isaac » 6 May 2011 » Reply

I still stick with Viggo Mortensen for Siv.

the_brigand » 6 May 2011 » Reply

My first choice would be Clive Owen for this charm and gravity, he can swing a sword if he has to but most importantly he seems to have the demeanor.
I could also see Ethan Hawk as someone less charming and more edgy. He’s not the sort you’d expect in the role of a sword wielding bartender, but then again that might just be the point.
I briefly dabbled with the idea of John Cusack for a more contemplative character. John’s strength is that he seems always vulnerable even during moment of complete control. Charming enough to get the girl, witty enough to joust with an orge… but his personality tends to suit a single person introspective more then a supporting role.

Mike » 6 May 2011 » Reply

LOL Here's fun suggestion, Bruce Campbell. Have the Chin play Siv, no chainsaw or shotgun this time for him though. :p

Guru » 6 May 2011 » Reply

Jeremy Irons. He has the attitude and the jawline.

billydaking » 6 May 2011 » Reply

For Stiv…Sean Bean.

@Rafnasil » 6 May 2011 » Reply

First of all, a gent in his late forties is not older… he's mature 🙂

Paul Bettany. He is an amazingly wellrounded actor and is no stranger to action. Like Richard Burton he can bring such intensity to a role and has that wonderful gift of being able to convey entire conversations by looks and body language alone. He would be able to convey Sivs complex personality.

Mike » 6 May 2011 » Reply

Hugh Jackman. Has the look and has done the fantasy thang in Van Helsing

Copper » 6 May 2011 » Reply

Dolph Lundgren would be my favourite actor to bring Siv to live.
What particularly makes Mr. Lundgren such a good impersonation of Siv in my opinion would be that he obvously has the same long drawn-out edgy face as Siv and of course he has a (movie) history as an ex-mercenary/fighter type in quite a few action movies of the 90s. His mascular build also would not speak against Mr. Lundgren.

While I like Christian Bale a lot, he (at least to me) resembles more a modern warrior type not the archaic / fantasy fighter archetype as which Siv is portrait here.

Hoomi » 6 May 2011 » Reply

I suspect the Draft Dog didn't make it (arrows in his side, and a cart crashing atop him – not the best situation for coming out in decent shape). Funny that with the cart crashed and an invading force approaching, Pa is worried about his hat.

He might be a bit old for the part now, but my vote for Siv would be Liam Neeson. He's certainly carried the part of the quiet but capable warrior well in a number of movies, including "Rob Roy" and "Taken." He has the lean, toned look that seems to go with Siv, unlike the more muscle-builder look of someone like the Rock (who, incidentally, would probably be a good choice for Badger), and he has a voice that I think would fit the part well.

    ChrisJ » 7 May 2011 » Reply

    Liam Neeson was my first thought as well. He's tall, imposing, and has a voice that carries tremendous dramatic weight. On top of that he can convincingly play the action hero even at his age.
    I think my second vote would be for Clive Owen, which I see someone has already put in a vote for. He can give a great, intense expression and also has a voice that carries great intensity.

Matthew » 6 May 2011 » Reply

I'm thinking Christian Bale for Siv. Even though he's only in his late thirties (?), I think he'd have no problem playing a bit older. We know he can do the action, but he also seems to have an inherent "dark past" aura about him. Also, I missed posting last time, but my vote for the Collector would have to be none other than Tom Waits.

    ChrisJ » 7 May 2011 » Reply

    You got me with Tom Waits. He was not someone I had thought of, but I could see him playing a good Collector. Excellent choice there.
    I still think Bale is a little too young and fresh looking for Siv.


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