The Bean 286
The Bean 286
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We made the $5000 goal yesterday! I very grateful for all  the support.

If you want to see the whole post just look below.

Well I need to get back to work.



poeso » 22 Aug 2011 » Reply

AWESOME! I'm thrilled you made goal. Here's to hoping the second graphic novel is funded as well.

Loving Ravna more every day! Woman after my own heart.

    Trav the bean » 23 Aug 2011 » Reply

    thank you- and we will see- a lot will depend on everyone else. I am just excited that we made the mark:) I am very touched …

Ben » 19 Aug 2011 » Reply

"They've got a cave troll!"

Andy » 19 Aug 2011 » Reply

Siv looks like a homeless drunk.. Ravna looks good with the knife though!

    Trav the bean » 23 Aug 2011 » Reply

    he does doesn't he. I think you would as well if you had been running for almost 2 days:)

moontown » 19 Aug 2011 » Reply

Great page, Trav!

Hoomi » 19 Aug 2011 » Reply

Dang. Where are Treebeard and the Ents when you need them? Hurm hum?

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