The Bean 287
The Bean 287
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There’s not much to say here but…. duck and stay out of blade length.



Dormin » 23 Aug 2011 » Reply

In this world even a barmaid like Ravna can be a deadly fighter.

    Hoomi » 23 Aug 2011 » Reply

    Maybe Ravna's been training alongside Sarah from "Legend of Bill"… 😀

    Trav the bean » 23 Aug 2011 » Reply

    i think in this world it helps when the bar keep is a pretty fancy swords man and has a liking to you as well

Hoomi » 22 Aug 2011 » Reply

I think many of us are still waiting for Gort to come in and find goblins trashing his inn. Whatever else Gort might feel about goblins, the fact that they are causing damage that will cost him money is going to royally tick him off…

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