The Bean 297
The Bean 297
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Ok bean updates- Chapter/book 9 is done and edits are in progress. I am happy. so I started chapter/book 10 and it’s gonna be good, well I hope.

Well back to work


The Kickstarter Project

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Jeffersmurf » 2 May 2014 » Reply

Waaaaiiiit… didn't that Guardian guy say that the sword of that elf king got split into two halves? And then they were forged into separate swords… and this "Blade of the Rose" has no quillons… OH MY GOSH SIV HAS THE SECOND SWORD!!

Ben » 15 Sep 2011 » Reply

Beater and Biter! Beater and Biter!

Frankfurter » 15 Sep 2011 » Reply

Loving "The Blade of the Rose" as a name for a sword I have to admit.

    Trav the bean » 19 Sep 2011 » Reply

    very cool. If you go back to earlier pages- you will see it somewhere else and not in sivs hands

      idd » 23 Nov 2011 » Reply

      That's Cool. – found it. I just noticed as well that the Rose has no quillons, That makes it unusual to begin with.

Hoomi » 14 Sep 2011 » Reply

Okay, goblin… maybe you're not scared of a mudpusher, but what about a mudpusher AND an irate ogre (not to mention a barmaid that hasn't exactly been helpless in the battle)?

Celidah » 14 Sep 2011 » Reply

All right, I gotta admit, I really did not see Siv's revelation coming. I figured him as a "retired" adventurer or something similar, but this…?

Now I love him even more!

    Trav the bean » 19 Sep 2011 » Reply

    🙂 oh theres alot about him to tell or be told….

Hornet » 14 Sep 2011 » Reply

Yea! to dance on a pile of Goblin skulls!!

Dormin » 14 Sep 2011 » Reply

And now Aragorn is pissed

glennnnnnn » 14 Sep 2011 » Reply

I appreciate the dramatic moment and the revelations but this crackling tension is about to be broken by arrows ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Less talk-talk, more chop-chop!

Zik » 14 Sep 2011 » Reply

I've been reading for a while now. All I have to say to you is this; You are, and I don't say this lightly, one of the best storytellers I have seen in a long time. You weave tales that fill my mind with excitement and curiosity. This is a fantastic story. When I can never guess where you going to take the story next, it makes it that much better. This page is one of those times.

    Trav the bean » 19 Sep 2011 » Reply

    thank you very much:) I am glad i have captivated you:)

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