The Bean 312
The Bean 312
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I really should write these in the morning…. my brain is so fried at night, but the pen ventures on…

keep creating




Ruthie » 6 Dec 2012 » Reply

I can practically hear the characters voices outloud: Ravna shouting in a savage, heart-wrenching tone of voice, while this new troll responds calmly in a refined voice with likely a touch of accent humorously understates the obvious “I sense a bit of hostility.”. He may be no jedi, but I think he’s getting the right sentiment in the air.

idd » 24 Nov 2011 » Reply

Where is the light Ravna is seeing with coming from? The troll I would expect to see in the dark, but Ravna De-Quilled Siv in the pitch black. Also taking out the Quills is bad idea. Unless you can plug the holes other ways and bind it up, leaving things in makes them bleed less than yanking them out.

    Trav the bean » 28 Nov 2011 » Reply

    the light is for the reader. it's really dark. She de-quilled as she check for life and realized that things were worse than she had hoped for. She just couldn't bear to leave them in.

HamBinger » 20 Oct 2011 » Reply

Trav, fwiw, The black smudge under her sword looks really bad… as it goes right into the blade, like you tried to scribble out something. . nice to read some variations from the previous retellings of this story… 🙂 –Ray

    glennnnnnn » 21 Oct 2011 » Reply

    I think that was her saying something that was a "little too intense" that was boogered-out at the last minute. And it will probably not appear in the printed version.

    travsthebean » 24 Oct 2011 » Reply

    that looks like a text box- i am going to have to fix that for the printed version

    travsthebean » 24 Oct 2011 » Reply

    oh i made some subtle changes and some big ones as well. It made the story flow better

lene » 20 Oct 2011 » Reply

I am reading your work to my children, aged five and three. They are completely enthralled by your story. We read it in the evenings on my iPad, snuggled up in my bed, my daughter asking questions about every Detail, my son sucking madly on his pacifier because he is so frightened, yet he wants to keep on reading.
To them the Bean is REAL. They believe the Broken Moon World is in another country, not something "somebody made up".
Thank you so much for sharing your dream. Your children must be so proud of you !

    travsthebean » 20 Oct 2011 » Reply

    It is comments like yours that inspires me to continue my adventures. Thank you so much for those kind words. I hope I dont scare your 3 year old too much:)

    I would like to say that at times for me the Bean is real as well, especially as I immerse myself into the little details of each page. It is nice to see when others get that same vibe:).

    You are welcome. as for my children, i guess it would depend on the day. I am still a dad you know and dads … well are just dads.

    keep inspiring them to create –

Hoomi » 19 Oct 2011 » Reply

Our new visitor appears to be the same race as the Collector. While the Collector has some character traits that tend to not win any favor with us readers, his race (troll, I believe?) is portrayed as intelligent, learned, articulate, and with a definite ability to reason about right and wrong (along with the ability to choose what morality to adhere to). We'll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

Love the way you're weaving the story, Trav!

    travsthebean » 20 Oct 2011 » Reply

    you are welcome my friend. Yes our new visitor is a Red Rock Troll. I hate stereotypes of races and characters in literature so hopefully i am throwing a lot of that out the window.


Dvon » 19 Oct 2011 » Reply

Fried or not, the transformation in that last panel is excellent. I’m not suggesting an incident like Heinlein’s Martian Old Ones, where the body died of neglect while the artist worked on, but a little more trust of that inner muse might be deserved. Just run it by your inner editor in the morning before posting.

    travsthebean » 19 Oct 2011 » Reply

    your talking about the blog post right? this page was drawn 3 months ago:)

      Dvon » 19 Oct 2011 » Reply

      Thought you were talking about how tired you were when you finished the art & lettering seen today. It's a great page regardless.

        Trav the bean » 19 Oct 2011 » Reply

        oh- no:) I was chatting about the blog part of the update. I upload the pages in 3 month stretches. makes it easier to maintain. Though i have to blog about each update which happens before.

sfbell09 » 19 Oct 2011 » Reply

I really like the way our new friend speaks. Very polite, formal. I can imagine a soft tone designed just right to put one at ease.

    travsthebean » 20 Oct 2011 » Reply

    I hear it as a deep earthy voice… yet not scary

MCars » 19 Oct 2011 » Reply

Oh, this'll be good. Lessee, Siv bleeding less and stirring would reduce her hostility, I bet.

glennnnnnn » 19 Oct 2011 » Reply

Meanwhile, Siv is bleeding to death. Well, politeness counts for something !

Dormin » 19 Oct 2011 » Reply

This Gandalf is well mannered, I must say.
this said, I hope the "friend" he is talking about wouldn´t be the Collector.

    Hornet » 19 Oct 2011 » Reply

    Think he meant Gort.

    travsthebean » 19 Oct 2011 » Reply

    Gandalf:) now haven't i turned every lotr on its head yet:) well will have to wait to see if he is really the gandalf type 🙂

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