The Bean 313
The Bean 313
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UPDATE: Tales of the Broken Moon wiki- I am currently opening up a wiki dedicated to the bean. It is quite bare- and if there are some of you that would like to help out – that would be awesome.

I think it will replace the world section of the site. Any thoughts? You can find it here Tales of the Broken Moon

I think by having people who enjoy the comics help add what they see it will make things easier. I will though add art and all sorts of other things. I just cannot do it alone …

Working hard on getting the next chapter done. We are 15 pages in so far. There are 38 pages to a chapter, which has to be completed by Dec 15th. I am really pleased on how the story is flowing. Also things seem to be going really smooth on vol 1. I should have more info on that for you soon.

Thanks again for all the support.



Karyl » 21 Oct 2011 » Reply

I find her expressions, his expressions,and the byplay to be excellent!

    MCars » 21 Oct 2011 » Reply

    Agreed! Poor Ravna's starting to dissolve, though.

      Trav the bean » 5 Jan 2012 » Reply

      i think most people would be in that state if their whole world came crashing down

John » 21 Oct 2011 » Reply

For a moment I believed she keeps Siv's sword in hand, and that induced some hostility into her…

Bob » 21 Oct 2011 » Reply

Love her face as her sword transforms

glennnnnnn » 21 Oct 2011 » Reply

Scarey, yet benign! A wizard who wants to help.

    travsthebean » 21 Oct 2011 » Reply

    hard to find these days

    Mary » 21 Oct 2011 » Reply

    And nevertheless manages to make that he's a powerful wizard not to be trifled with.

sfbell09 » 21 Oct 2011 » Reply

An excellent page. Good emotions, nice effects. Love the magic words. Did you create your own set of magical words, if so would you share what it is based on?

    travsthebean » 21 Oct 2011 » Reply

    I created a few of my own languages. I have not fleshed them out completely but i do have functioning basis to them, Complete with a tree stem. I speak spanish and english (i know its hard to believe if you have seen me) yet – I use some aspects of spanish and made it my own.

      sfbell09 » 21 Oct 2011 » Reply

      That is very cool. I've brought words directly into my writing from Spanish and Japanese. Though there is no good reason since neither story they are used in takes place on Earth. I am not much of a linguist. Taking French in college was a disaster because I kept substituting Spanish in place of the French word. (I had taken Spanish in jr. High.)

        travsthebean » 21 Oct 2011 » Reply

        now i dont take the words in directly- what i do use though is the mechanics. I think it helps me stay balanced.

          sfbell09 » 24 Oct 2011 »

          What sort of help are you looking for with the Wiki?

          travsthebean » 24 Oct 2011 »

          people that would be willing to fill the wiki with content based on the comics. Add characters, places etc….

          travsthebean » 24 Oct 2011 »

          i just cant do it all these days

          idd » 24 Nov 2011 »

          I do not know how i missed the blog posting about the wikia the first time through, but now that I have seen it, I'll figure out how to add the Character index I've been building this week It shows what page falls on what site id (P=??) and what characters are on that page. usually ones having speaking parts, but sometimes not if part of a running scene. It also indicates where it takes place and the first page in a major cut. It may help you if you ever try to index the mass of pages again, though with this cross reference it may not be necessary.

          idd » 24 Nov 2011 »

          Seems my Handle-is already taken on wikia, by someone else. I'll have to think on where I want to go with that.

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