The Bean 313
The Bean 313
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UPDATE: Tales of the Broken Moon wiki- I am currently opening up a wiki dedicated to the bean. It is quite bare- and if there are some of you that would like to help out – that would be awesome.

I think it will replace the world section of the site. Any thoughts? You can find it here Tales of the Broken Moon

I think by having people who enjoy the comics help add what they see it will make things easier. I will though add art and all sorts of other things. I just cannot do it alone …

Working hard on getting the next chapter done. We are 15 pages in so far. There are 38 pages to a chapter, which has to be completed by Dec 15th. I am really pleased on how the story is flowing. Also things seem to be going really smooth on vol 1. I should have more info on that for you soon.

Thanks again for all the support.