The Bean 316
The Bean 316
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Well I am halfway though the new pages of the next chapter. I like it’s direction and feel and I am happy with how it looks.

Also I am prepping for my next show, which will be the Tucson Comic Con. First time there and I will be one of the guest. Gonna be doing a lot of drawing and sketching… plus I will be releasing the first vol of the bean. I should get the books by the very end of next week.

I also gave an interview on the Bean last week at a great comic sharing site Ink  – You can read the full right here.

Also I’ve added a few more share and like buttons. Help spread the love and get more people to enjoy the adventure.

Thanks again for all the support




kapi » 30 Oct 2011 » Reply

And she's just thinking, "I have NO idea what you're talking about…" XD

Hyptosis » 29 Oct 2011 » Reply

Fantastic new pages Trav! Rock on!

Esther » 28 Oct 2011 » Reply

Moral blow?

Scott » 28 Oct 2011 » Reply

@Dormin — We'll have to see. This could be a warning shot as to who can die. If Siv stays dead, then things don't look very good for Gort, either.

glennnnnnn » 28 Oct 2011 » Reply

What ?? Noooo ! There must be some mistake !

Dormin » 28 Oct 2011 » Reply

I guess there isn´t phoenix feathers, holy grials or dragonballs in this world, am I correct? 🙁

@JonathanHepburn » 28 Oct 2011 » Reply

Psst! "Devastating." Your work is too good to let that slip 🙂

    Trav the bean » 28 Oct 2011 » Reply

    i'm dyslexic and it got past my editors- yet it will be corrected for the printed version

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