The Bean 315
The Bean 315
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Before we go further, I just wanted to say that these have been some of the hardest pages for me to illustrate. I would hope you would take a moment to go back and reread the sacking all the way to this point and you will start see things that an update every other day will not show you.

There are some hearts that are a little bruised here. Let spend a moment a drink a toast to a very determined old man. I think he would have appreciated it.

Yet as you read on you will realize that the tale of Siv and Ravna is not at it’s end but in reality at it’s beginning. A tale that through loss one can still find healing and purpose and in their journey realize that there is so much more about the people that fill your life. There are tales there that will never be found if they are never asked. Sometimes we learn these tales through others words and then we begin to realize that people we take for granted have much more worth than we could imagine.

I am sorry that I have been silent at times, I do not want to ruin all the twist and turns that sit in my story. I will though try and answer as many posts as possible. Yet I feel if it will ruin the tale, than I will remain silent.

Also to my little adventurers, a certain 3 and 5 year old. Keep strong, there is always hope for heroes come in many sizes .