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The Bean 364
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doing taxes right now…. sigh….

hey if you need something to do this weekend- and you are in SoCal, head on over to Wondercon and visit with us at booth 717. Click the image below to see the map. It’s a new venue but it still looks like a lot of fun.


Keep creating –


bextol » 12 Feb 2021 » Reply

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SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

Just a thought… but if you want to portray him as "the bad guy", just showing his actions would do fine… The whole dark-eyes & EEEvil smirk thing comes across as a bit contrived and more than a little cheesy.

    Trav the bean » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

    point taken- but the sunken eyes have a point… as for the smirk… i will take that into consideration

      SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

      Oh right, yeah. I get why the eyes are like that… I think. Same thing that happened to the bloke who originally made the sword, on account of not being all pure and innocent or whatever. Probably the sword was forged of his obsessive desire for revenge and it pretty much screws up the ability to function as a normal human being… unless one doesn't really have a good concept of revenge in the first place.
      JUST to hazard a guess, o'course.

      I mean I'm reckoning that PROBABLY somethin kinda unfortunate is likely to happen to Bean down the track that means he'll also feel the personal desire for revenge, and then his sword will start making him turn nasty too… BUT he'll remember himself just in the nick of time when he sees what he is becoming (or sees what elf-boy here is like)…. or something like that.

      But yeah… better to reveal a person's nature through their actions rather than playing to stereotypes. =D

      Sorry, don't mind me…. I'm kinda drunk right now.
      Probably oughtn't to post when I'm drunk.

Mercy » 16 Mar 2012 » Reply

Hey, I thought Ganelon was dead!

    Mercy » 22 Mar 2012 » Reply

    I mean Ganadon, of course. {blush}

Cat » 15 Mar 2012 » Reply

Was this guy involved in the event that made Siv leave the White Hall?

    Trav the bean » 15 Mar 2012 » Reply

    nope- he's involved in something much more …. well there are a few visual clues 🙂

      cat » 16 Mar 2012 » Reply

      I think I get what you are talking about, I was just wondering if there was any additional history with Siv.

lithicbee » 15 Mar 2012 » Reply

I am enjoying not knowing what the heck is going on right now (in terms of the larger storyline). It seems like the story is just getting bigger and bigger.

See you at WonderCon on Friday!

    Trav the bean » 15 Mar 2012 » Reply

    oh it will all play out and this itself is not new and has been hinted to for awhile:) things are about to unravel soon….

    looking forward to hanging out for a bit at wondercon-

sfbell09 » 15 Mar 2012 » Reply

I think he's just a goth kid who's mis-understood.

    Rune » 15 Mar 2012 » Reply

    Well, *I* think his corneas are black, and his irises and pupils are white.

    Trav the bean » 15 Mar 2012 » Reply

    not a goth either – as for being mis-understood – i don really think so- i think those around him understand very much what he is planning to do

Dormin » 15 Mar 2012 » Reply

Is the bad guy a Drow, or does he use eyeliner? 🙂

    Trav the bean » 15 Mar 2012 » Reply

    no drows in my story – sorry:) his eyes are just sunken

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