The Bean 402
The Bean 402
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Added a new update at our kickstarter project. Big artwork update there as well just click the graphic to go check it out. Plus we are moving towards our 10000 mark. That means 8 extra pages for everyone. Tell your friends.


Ruthie » 7 Dec 2012 » Reply

Yay! 😀 Great father/son reunion here, I just hope the other family members are equally happy to see him. Siblings are awesome, I hope these ones are friendly.

Rich » 26 Jul 2012 » Reply

Travis, great looking strip! I especially love your first panel, the use of the border and the negative space, really nice design work there. Keeping them coming!

    trav » 26 Jul 2012 » Reply

    thanks rich – i love playing with my borders. Straight lines bore me at times

eO_Jande » 26 Jul 2012 » Reply

His whole family! Awesome! that arm youngun!

    trav » 26 Jul 2012 » Reply

    and some others 🙂

      trav » 26 Jul 2012 » Reply

      and yes that arm looks a little beat up

Celidah » 26 Jul 2012 » Reply

*cheers* He made it!

    trav » 26 Jul 2012 » Reply

    and one piece too:)

Grey Matter » 26 Jul 2012 » Reply

Whew! You had me worried there, Trav. Glad the family is okay! 🙂

    trav » 26 Jul 2012 » Reply

    for the most part:)

lithicbee » 26 Jul 2012 » Reply

Phew, a happy moment. You never know…. Congrats on the Kickstarter's progress. It keeps on chugging along.

    trav » 26 Jul 2012 » Reply

    even in the darkest of times, one can find a little hope- and thanks we're still chugging:)

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