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The Bean 412
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the Bean vol 3: Broken Souls is now funded! Thank you so much to all those that shared, pushed and backed this project. I am humbled, honored and excited that people enjoy my work enough to fund it. (one day we will do color).  I could have never done this without you! thank you.

To note Bean will go to press at the end of oct beginning of nov. All of the extras will hit the press around the same time. I want to start shipping everything by mid/late nov. That is the goal. I will still post tons of updates on the card art, maps and extras. This is the goal.

…. so on to the numbers

379 people backed the book raising a total of $16,459. This goes into all the printing, shipping and extras. We hit two stretch goals- which will add 8 pages of new story as well as bookmarks to everyone.

6 of those 379 backers will have cameos in book 4 next year. (we will talk later on that:)).

379 people will have their name in the book.

Thank you again for helping fund the arts. Kickstarter is a fantastic way to do that.

keep creating


seuraaron » 4 Dec 2015 » Reply

Weary means 'tired', wary means 'alert'

Andy » 2 Sep 2012 » Reply

You should really find a proof-reader. Everything about this story is top-notch but the poor grammar really spoils the immersion. Sorry to sound so critical, I really love the art and the story is engrossing, but the writing does not come to the level of the rest.

    trav » 2 Sep 2012 » Reply

    your right- there is no excuse right now….

    I am really sorry

      Andy » 3 Sep 2012 » Reply

      No need to be sorry! Again I apologise for sounding critical, I was really just trying to help. I don't usually bother typing comments but I'm guessing I'm not the only one who finds the grammar a little jarring. Hell I'd be willing to proof-read it for you free of charge, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I wish you all the luck!

        Celidah » 8 Sep 2012 » Reply

        Proofreader for Trav? OH OH PICK ME PICK ME MEMEMEMEMEEEEEEEE!!!!!! *waves hand frantically*

        Just being silly. 🙂

        Sort of.

          andy » 11 Sep 2012 »

          Thanks for helping to prove my point sort'a silly Celidah 😀

          Trav the bean » 17 Sep 2012 »


          Trav the bean » 17 Sep 2012 »

          🙂 I need silly at times

    michaeljsouth » 2 Sep 2012 » Reply

    He has proof readers–they post corrections here :). He says he'll fix them in print. If the immersion is spoiled for you, you have the option of buying a printed copy instead.

    I would ten times rather have the occasional spelling error or typo, but have the updates keep coming, than have a slower process involving sending the draft to someone, waiting for them to get back, re-doing to fix the issues, etc. Not to mention the expense that might entail.

    Keep in mind that you know little or nothing about the costs that might be involved, financial realities and constraints under which the author might be developing this, etc.

    Look, if I'm wrong, you could just point us to your typo-free, regularly updated epic webcomic, and show us how it's done! 🙂

    How do I know that you aren't going to do this? Because if you were an author/artist producing like this, you would know the work involved and would not have been so cavalier in your criticism.

    Frankly, I like being able to make a small contribution by pointing out corrections or improvements that could be made when I see them. It makes me feel better about all the content I'm getting for free.

    *And* not only is the author providing this free, he interacts with the readers constantly. I think we're being given enough that we could just be appreciative, y'know?

    Suppose that having it 100% typo-free meant that we couldn't get as much author interaction? I would vote for keeping the typos and keeping the author interaction.

    The fact is, you know (from the author's comments, if you've taken time to read them) that he's not happy about having the typos and errors in there. What you don't know is what it would take, what would have to be sacrificed in the process, to correct it.

    I feel that it's kind of presumptuous to say "get a proofreader", as if the author hasn't thought of the first solution that came to your mind himself.

    I know exactly what you're saying–grammar and spelling errors jar me, too. If it cared about it that much, though, I would wait and buy it in print.

    I feel like it starts to move outside of the realm of "constructive criticism" when you start piling on complaints about an issue that (a) a bunch of other people have already pointed out (b) the author has already, repeatedly, acknowledged and (c) stated his intentions for how he wil deal with it (in this case, fixing it in the print edition).

      Andy » 3 Sep 2012 » Reply

      Nice rant micheal (I'm guessing from a quick scan), but I think you'll find it fits right into "the realm of constructive criticism".

        trav » 3 Sep 2012 » Reply

        i appreciate all the "cc" I also appreciate the support on all ends.

        To put things in perspective- This is work 3 months back- It all will go to an editor before it goes to press to catch my dyslexia and fix things here and there.

        I will look at watching the web stuff a little bit more carefully. Yet to find someone to keep up with that schedule, is almost impossible. So I do the best I can.

        Now I still enjoy people marking things, letting me know. I also appreciate andy comments as well. It has merit. I will try to improve.

        the most important thing is the pdf's and the printed material are correct.

        keep creating and lets move on

trav » 30 Aug 2012 » Reply

wow- i was off today…. sigh…

    Celidah » 30 Aug 2012 » Reply

    It's okay, Trav. Everybodde has off dayz where they no do English good.

Ben » 30 Aug 2012 » Reply

In the final speech bubble, there should be no comma between "observation" and "that".

trav » 30 Aug 2012 » Reply

all text edits will be fixed in the printed book:) thanks for finding them.

Roy » 30 Aug 2012 » Reply

Also, if you're going to say 'it makes one vulnerable' you need to use 'one's' not 'their'

Tobias » 30 Aug 2012 » Reply

And 'vunlerable' needs to be fixed in the first panel.

Poor, poor Thaddeaus – for all his vaunted knowledge, he's short on wisdom. Never speak in absolutes.

    msouth » 30 Aug 2012 » Reply

    You mean "never speak in absolutes, unless it's about speaking in absolutes, in which case we can make an exception and state that we should never do that", right?


    Actually I think every bit of advice he gives is good, except for what he says in the first panel. It's actually very hard to be aware of everything he says in the following panels, without also adopting some bitterly cynical positions like the one in the first panel.

    Everything he says in the following panels sounds like something learned from painful experience. With that much painful experience, you can see where you might end up thinking of kindness as weakness, *especially* if you got burned by someone (or maybe by many) that you had been kind to.

    Kindness isn't a weakness, but because we are, by default, only kind to people that we also like/respect/trust/don't see as a threat, it is hard to maintain wariness at the same time that you are being kind. Christ said something like "be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves", and that kind of expresses the sort of zen-like balance you want to achieve.

    tl;dr: Getting all of that right is hard, and we can only expect so much of people/dragons.

      SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

      Genuine kindness is a weakness… but then some people are strong enough in other ways to be able to shoulder a few weaknesses on the side.

Bellar » 30 Aug 2012 » Reply

"Weary" in the third panel should be "wary"

    Gillsing » 30 Aug 2012 » Reply

    And since "wary" isn't a verb by itself, I think "be wary" would make sense.

    And apart from the typo in the first panel (which Tobias already mentioned), I think that "their enemies" should be "one's enemies" due to the first part of that sentence: "It makes one vulnerable and weak…"

      von Corax » 30 Aug 2012 » Reply

      If you read it as a continuation of the last sentence in panel two: "You need to be strong and assertive, wary of all help offered to you" then the grammar does work.

      You've used the colloquialism "taken with a grain of salt" incorrectly, though. (But then again, absolutely nobody uses it correctly. 😉 ) The metaphorical salt is intended to make bitter news more palatable. I would imagine a dragon more likely to say something like "granted with caution."

      And Trav, you know we wouldn't bug you about this stuff if we didn't absolutely enjoy reading. 🙂

Dormin » 30 Aug 2012 » Reply

Wise words indeed, Thadeus. But the obvious question, for he Bean and everyone else, is… what is in your agenda?

    SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

    It isn't a question worth asking, as no useful answer can be given for it.

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