The Bean 438
The Bean 438
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So tonight, or last night, depending on when you have read this page. I started a very exciting project.

I tried to sign about 600 books – 3, 2 and 1. Nothing like finally getting the kickstarter rewards in full gear. Books should start shipping in about 2 weeks. Well back to signing.

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michaeljsouth » 2 Dec 2012 » Reply

I don't have any Bean books, but if anyone is reading this comic online and thinking about whether it's worth it to get a book, let me just say that it will amaze you how much difference it makes to read in print. I read loads of webcomics, and as I get extra money here and there or someone draws my name for Christmas or whatever, I pick up print copies of my favorites.

It never fails to surprise me (even though you would think I would have learned this by now!) how much more impressive the art is "in real life". I guess it's kind of like comparing talking to someone over a video link to talking to them face to face. I'm a little stretched on my Christmas budget at the moment, so I feel a bit hypocritical saying this when I can't really buy any of these books right now, but I just want to throw in an endorsement for getting a print copy of your favorite comics. You'll be glad you did!

    trav » 17 Dec 2012 » Reply

    Thank you for the awesome plug….:)

Odo » 30 Nov 2012 » Reply

600 books?? I sincerely hope that you are not going to try to sign them all in one sitting. That would be really bad for your drawing hand, and then we would have to wait extra time for the next update. Not to mention that it would hurt a lot.

The last few panels have been absolutely fantastic.

    michaeljsouth » 2 Dec 2012 » Reply

    It would be a cool tradition for authors to start signing their work with their off-hand to save their drawing hand. It's not like you can read signatures anyway :).

    trav » 17 Dec 2012 » Reply

    yup and no i did not sign them all at once- it took a week. I had a lot of other commitments to nail down first. And don't worry about the drawing hand it is still in strong shape

    Also glad you have enjoyed the last few panels.

Joshua Sloan » 29 Nov 2012 » Reply

Ooh, I'm excited for the book to ship out! I like reading the books a lot more than the webcomic–feels more real. Not that I don't love the story regardless of the format, because I do.

Also, glad to see you'll be at Emerald City Comicon again. Hopefully I'll see you there in March!

    trav » 17 Dec 2012 » Reply

    I feel the same way- and looking forward to chatting at ecc

Gillsing » 29 Nov 2012 » Reply

I'm wondering if "amazed on" in the third panel shouldn't be "amazed by"? Perhaps that is something that the proofreader would deal with before printing, so it's of no help to point it out here?

    trav » 29 Nov 2012 » Reply

    hopefully 🙂

    Ben » 29 Nov 2012 » Reply

    Or "amazed at".

Grey Matter » 29 Nov 2012 » Reply

I enjoy each update, but I am so happy that I have the pdf of book three. It kills me having to wait and wait and wait for each update. Because twice a week just isn't enough for me. 🙂

When you do get the time to color these pages, Trav, I will buy each and every book again! For now, I will wait with bated breath for the Kickstarter rewards to arrive. I have a spot all picked out on my wall for my map! (I love maps.)

    trav » 29 Nov 2012 » Reply

    i know – i know- working as fast as my little fingers can sketch…. I do appreciate all the support and i am looking at doing this in color one day- one day…

susan » 29 Nov 2012 » Reply

This is very exciting! I'm so looking forward to getting my book. Not to harp on this but, have you considered doing full color versions of these books in PDF format? That might be more workable than printed versions. I know I'd purchase all three all over again if I could get them in color. Your color work is fantastic.

    trav » 29 Nov 2012 » Reply

    I look forward to getting them to you. The problem with color is more of a time issue than anything else right now. My main goal is finish the tale- there is much more to tell. So I focus there. You see it adds another 3 to 4 hours to a page, and since this is not full time and I have other illustration gigs, I figured I would focus on finishing the story first.

    As for color, that is not out of the question. In fact when the tale is done – I am going to color the whole thing. 🙂 but that is a few years off.

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