The Bean 439
The Bean 439
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Ok almost done with all the kickstarter rewards, the sickness and the side projects. After this week we should be able to jump back into the world of bean full time.

Thanks for the support and keep creating



Aquila audax » 5 Dec 2012 » Reply

Poor Bean! But he seems determined in his course of action. On another note, I just got the prints I ordered and I have to say they are extraordinarily beautiful! The pictures on your site do not do them justice at all! The colours are so vibrant and the detail is wonderful. Delivery was very quick too. Thank you so much! Everyone should buy a print or three!

    trav » 17 Dec 2012 » Reply

    I think he is coming to terms with it.

    and you are welcome and thank you for the incredible plug:)

Odo » 3 Dec 2012 » Reply

You know, the more the little guy talks the less comfortable I am with his support of Bean. His agenda does not seem to encompass Bean's welfare. When people start talking about "rightfully yours" peace tends to fly out the window.

    trav » 17 Dec 2012 » Reply

    it does make things a little uncomfortable. bean has several choices ahead of him- not so much on what will happen to him but more on how he will choose to react to those choices. As for bean's welfare- I think to thaddeus he sees a much bigger picture around him and opportunities of growth for the bean. No I am not saying that thaddeus is right or wrong. He just wants to right a wrong (or right a wrong that he perceives needs to be corrected)
    great thought odo

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