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The Bean 440
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Amazed by how some educators, teachers and people in general treat comics and comic creators. Like we are all lazy, non-talented story tellers, who produce work of nothing but pictures that has no value for kids and that our careers are basically a joke…. you are really misguided.

Comics are not just about zombies and superheros

If you knew how much math, english, science, history and theology

we use in our work on a daily basis, it would shock you. If you knew how many kids we influence to just start to read, to enjoy books and to find a path to literature, you would embrace us. If you realized that pictures and words molded together can tell incredibly powerful, moving and extremely deep tales that help teach lessons and that were created for all ages, you would seek them out.

As a comicbook creator I write, I draw, I study anatomy, I research history, psychology, and theology to make my work real. I look at architecture, perception, depth of field, color, layout and other works. I use math on a daily basis and also deal with incredible and complex story structures and character analysis. We take everything life offers and mold it into the same incredible tales that writers do, we just add pictures to it.

Because, you see, we understood a long time ago that a lot of people are visual learners as well. I also understand that we are a do that gets people to even just pick up a book. If you knew how many times people came up to me and told me that they had never really read much until they started picking up graphic novels, you would be floored. It’s because of the graphic novels that many kids start to read.

I’m not telling you to add graphic novels into the classrooms. You do what you want… but the next time you look at a kid that doesn’t want to read, maybe put a good graphic novel in his hands and let it start to open his mind to the joys of literature.

Now what I am telling you though… is there is a lot more that goes into comics than you realize. We work harder than most people. We are always studying and learning. We love literature and art and how it works together. We tell deep stories that will move you and stir emotion in you. WE inspire kids to dream and follow those dreams…

So the next time you roll your eyes when someone mentions comics, I am pretty sure it is because you have never read one… Or found the really good ones. I would suggest you pick one up and give it a chance. It might just change your whole outlook on helping kids, who don’t want to read, to pick up a book and find that print and literature are not dead, but in reality thriving.

keep creating