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The Bean 449
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Webcomic artists- a little shop talk – If you are telling an epic story with your webcomic, don’t be afraid of backgrounds and environments. Seriously, make your world stand out. If you cannot draw backgrounds, rooms, places etc… I would suggest you start to figure out how. You limit your ability to tell a story with just upper body and head shots.  The more you are willing to improve at your craft, the more you bolster the legitimacy and power that webcomics can have in an industry that is only beginning to understand it’s potential. LEARN YOUR CRAFT….

If you cant draw backgrounds, than grab reference. Practice, don’t be afraid to practice either. Study and apply. It will improve your story telling ability.


SotiCoto » 9 Sep 2013 » Reply

She lectures Bean on wasting time, then wastes time coddling the gargoyle.

Lazy J » 8 Jan 2013 » Reply

wow talk about attitude someone needs to take that stick out

DepartureVic » 7 Jan 2013 » Reply

Oh wow, she's so surly. I like her already!

    trav » 7 Jan 2013 » Reply

    She is who she is:)
    Actually she has been a really fun character to develop

DrMorganes » 7 Jan 2013 » Reply

Dawwwww…. Otter talks to dragons the way I talk to my dog.

I … I'm not sure how I feel about that.

    trav » 7 Jan 2013 » Reply

    🙂 dragons are easier to deal with – than humans:) or half-humans

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