The Bean 449
The Bean 449
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Settling into the new year. Book 4 is in full swing- and I mean full swing. I am averaging about a page a night. Got a strong goal to get this done by oct of next year. The goal is 20 pages a month. This includes new prints, some new website redesign, and some other cool little tidbits.  Right now I am on page 24… I am thinking that in june we will be able to start our kickstarter for this book.

I am also working on setting up a forum – sort of a place to hang out and also help other webcomics out. Create a little more exposure for everyone.

Last but not least, I have several brand new prints in the store. Come check them out.

well keep creating





Lazy J » 11 Jan 2013 » Reply

somebody needs an attitude adjustment i dare say

    billydaking » 11 Jan 2013 » Reply

    I don't. She's an attitude-adjuster. Best people are the ones who don't give you any respect until you've actually earned it.

DepartureVic » 10 Jan 2013 » Reply

Nice perspective in panel 2! It makes me want to be a dragon. Maybe all those dragon hunters were just jealous of how awesome it is to fly.

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