The Bean 451
The Bean 451
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No matter how many times you edit you always miss something. It’s one word. It is also one of the few times that people will comment on the blog to show me i missed something. 🙂 Ok I know – it will be corrected in the 2nd printing. Not much I can do now, but smile about it.

On a lighter note. I am 9 pages from finishing all the art on the first chapter of book 4. Pretty excited about that. It’s moving very very well.

Also a gentle reminder – Anyone that wants to and has a copy of book 3- I could sure use some reviews. Anything will help. You can review the book here at “Review Book 3 Here

Thanks again for all the support. Also keep an eye out for new art and constant updates. Plus if you click on our fb link you will even see a series of special sketches.

Keep creating



SotiCoto » 9 Sep 2013 » Reply

So far as I'm aware, he hasn't yet divulged anything that isn't already public knowledge… in so far as such a term goes in these parts.

Perhaps she is right to advise caution… but on the flipside, if they can't exchange a little trust, they're going to have a hard time down the track.

Lurker » 12 Jul 2013 » Reply

Panel 1: shouldn't it be "what are *you* called, child"?

MalikTous » 18 Jan 2013 » Reply

Gee, wasn't this plot segment used by T H White? The lost prince doing stable cleaning or scullery duty or castle servant work until the 'lowly' boy nicknamed 'Wart' or whatever was accidentally discovered by accessing some spelled sword or other? Whether we are familiar with Arthur from Disney or White, the princely rags to riches thing is old, but the Beanleaf treatment is quite original. Here the dragon is an ally, not the great enemy, and the enemies seem to take the Tolkien route rather than the Christianity against the Tuatha De Danaan propaganda scam. When the kid in the classic put a halt to the battle or joust game or whatever by handing that sword over to the knight after being unable to get in to where the regular equipment was stored, it was a good parable moment; had I been the wizard I'd have set the spell such that only someone who sought the sword to pass to another for defence or peaceful contest would be able to withdraw it; neither king nor peasant who sought to draw it to attack would gain its use. Great story so far!

idj » 18 Jan 2013 » Reply

I agree with the comments regarding the use of the word 'info'. It's just too contemporary. Other than that, I've looked for a comment on this but can't find one – the word 'you' is missing from the first dialogue balloon – "So, what are called, child?" should be "So, what are you called, child?", no? Just my $0.02. If someone has mentioned it, my apologies…

blackjackchelaque » 17 Jan 2013 » Reply

If you wanted to, you could claim that although she speaks the common tongue well enough, it still isn't her first language, and occasional slips are due to that. Love the work, please keep writing!

    trav » 17 Jan 2013 » Reply

    you are awesome!

      blackjackchelaque » 17 Jan 2013 » Reply

      No, You are awesome, I'm just grand.

        SnaleKing » 17 Jan 2013 » Reply

        You know, I've always thought one way to explain grammatical errors and such would be something like "What, and people in real life talk perfectly all the time always?"

        So any mistakes are the characters' fault! I certainly would never misuse the word "pedantic"!

Jande » 17 Jan 2013 » Reply

Just got caught up again after the holiday break. I love this new Otter character, Trav!

Some of us are lucky to meet a person like this early enough in life, when we are still green and naive, and liable to say and to some pretty stupid things. One of life's best teachers. No nonsense, slap-upside-the-head-with-reality kind of person. Plus she's really cute!

I love her expression in the last panel. Bean's going to grow up fast under her tutelage, methinks.

    trav » 17 Jan 2013 » Reply

    sometimes the best teachers are not the ones we like:)

J Luc Pitard » 17 Jan 2013 » Reply

There’s that missing word, but also I think she means “divulge” rather than indulge.

Odo » 17 Jan 2013 » Reply

Divulge is correct for the admonition to Bean from her. I also found the dialogue a bit lacking because "info" is such a modern abbreviation in speech. I would have expected either "information" or "Be careful how much you divulge; you hardly know me." Information is pretty much all that gets divulged, after all.

You know we pick on the little things because we love the whole thing, Travis.

    trav » 17 Jan 2013 » Reply

    🙂 fair enough-

sfbell09 » 17 Jan 2013 » Reply

Travis, not necessarily a spelling comment, but in the last panel wouldn't divulge read better than indulge? It seems more appropriate for the conversation. Of course this is your script and dialog, so feel free to disregard this at will. 🙂

    trav » 17 Jan 2013 » Reply

    prob right….

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