The Bean 451
The Bean 451
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No matter how many times you edit you always miss something. It’s one word. It is also one of the few times that people will comment on the blog to show me i missed something. 🙂 Ok I know – it will be corrected in the 2nd printing. Not much I can do now, but smile about it.

On a lighter note. I am 9 pages from finishing all the art on the first chapter of book 4. Pretty excited about that. It’s moving very very well.

Also a gentle reminder – Anyone that wants to and has a copy of book 3- I could sure use some reviews. Anything will help. You can review the book here at “Review Book 3 Here

Thanks again for all the support. Also keep an eye out for new art and constant updates. Plus if you click on our fb link you will even see a series of special sketches.

Keep creating