The Bean 452
The Bean 452
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Lurker » 12 Jul 2013 » Reply

Typo: occured -> occurred

Lee Cherolis » 21 Jan 2013 » Reply

Eventually, when you're in as deep as Bean, you have to start trusting somebody. He's not going to get there on his own. 🙂

    Odo » 23 Jan 2013 » Reply

    That's true — I'm just not at all sure that I would take Thaddeus as a first choice of who to trust. Of course, I'm looking in from the outside. From inside, it feels right that Bean should trust the mini-drag. After all, he's been surrounded by trustworthy people all his life (even if he didn't like the hard work). He has no comparison.

      @osborn7chris » 23 Jan 2013 » Reply

      I wouldn't call Gort trustworthy, but Bean's naivete is true to character in my opinion. Better he learns now instead of the hard way with a sword rammed in his side.

DepartureVic » 21 Jan 2013 » Reply

It's a hard lesson, but that naivete has to be broken before he runs into someone who looks trustworthy but isn't.

Gillsing » 21 Jan 2013 » Reply

I'm with Bean on this. Thaddeus is way more shrewd than Bean, so if there was any risk of Otter being even a little untrustworthy, Thaddeus would surely have warned Bean not to trust her completely. Some risks are simply not worth worrying about. That way the mind can be at ease and focus on things that are worth worrying about. (Actually, I'm just too lazy to worry much about things.)

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