The Bean 454
The Bean 454
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Keep creating my friends. I have all sorts of new art and adventures that I am working on. Bean updates are strong as well. I am well into the 4th book, finishing off the first chapter. It’s been a very wild ride. I am really excited to what is happening in the story right now. I am also working on getting everything set up for the start of our con season.

1st show of the year will be in seattle. I will post all the dates pretty soon. I am also working on some changes to the store, making it a little more dynamic. I will be attacking the site as well. It’s not going to be anything fancy just want to make the experience better for everyone.

Thank again for all the comments. I really enjoy discussing the story, art, fantasy etc… All feed back is welcome and very much appreciated.

Keep creating




MadBadger » 3 Feb 2013 » Reply

From the Wiki:

Ziff: a durable form of hard rock which can only be extracted from boombauxite ore. While the younger follks seem to find it fascinating, the older generation has little use for it.

Grey Matter » 30 Jan 2013 » Reply

What is Ziff? I must know!

    trav » 30 Jan 2013 » Reply

    type of metal – very hard- very valuable

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