The Bean 453
The Bean 453
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Just wanted to encourage you to stop by the shop and check out all my other prints and books. Thanks again for all the support that you have given me to keep the bean going.

Keep creating.




Trav the bean » 25 Jan 2013 » Reply

keep reading and when i am done with my tale …. we shall see if it's like "the sword in the stone"

MalikTous » 25 Jan 2013 » Reply

It's still tasting of 'The Sword in the Stone'…

Celidah » 24 Jan 2013 » Reply

I am really enjoying this story arc with Otter.

Free proofreading for the day: In the second panel, "m'am" needs to be corrected to "ma'am." 🙂

Ben » 24 Jan 2013 » Reply

Bean's "scolded face" in the last panel is gold.

Gillsing » 24 Jan 2013 » Reply

I almost get the impression that Otter has forgotten that Bean is not a prince anywhere, because he said he was "a dishwasher from the south". Which of course is different from being her squire, so that's still an valid point.

So here's the deal, Bean. You have three cards. Your Dishwasher card is your 'real self', your Prince card is your 'supposed self', and your new Squire card is your 'pretend self'. Shove that Dishwasher card up your sleeve, and shuffle the other two cards so that the Squire card is on top of the Prince card. There we go! 🙂

And in the second panel I think that "m'am" should be "ma'am".

    trav » 24 Jan 2013 » Reply

    "if i am to keep you alive, and do as thaddeus desires…. " I think she hasn't forgotten… I think she is creating an alibi for bean… which in my opinion would be extremely important.

    The three card analogy is really spot on- hopefully bean will figure out how to play those cards when he needs to

    Ben » 24 Jan 2013 » Reply

    Perhaps his dishwasher card is his "past self". Can he still call himself that?

      Trav the bean » 24 Jan 2013 » Reply

      yet the real question is he really a prince or is thaddeus using him?

Roy » 24 Jan 2013 » Reply

Do you mean 'Dragons' on your shop image? (plural not possessive)

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