The Bean 458
The Bean 458
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Bean webcomic update-

ok the next 36 pages have been scanned. It looks good and I am starting laying out the text this week. Really pleased with how the story is evolving and changing.

Also if you haven’t noticed I have added a lot of new prints and artwork not related to the bean. I draw these as my release and it allows me to tell a story in one shot. So just scroll down on the home page and come on an adventure with me. These pieces I will be updating Tues, Wed, and Fri.

I am also looking at maybe setting up a day that will be nothing but sketches. – Might be wed.  The goal is that there will always be something happening during the week. Feel free to comment, share and enjoy. I love the interaction.

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handyhippie65 » 19 Apr 2015 » Reply

i have been noticing you put faces in odd places in the background. kinda cool.

Ruthie » 1 Jul 2013 » Reply

Wow, that flower looks kind of depressed, like, "Aw, man, whoever said being a winter bloomer is crazy." By the way, have you made any kind of map of Darkleaf, or of the underground cities, etc?

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