The Bean 457
The Bean 457
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If you hadn’t noticed I am in the process of a little redecorating. I am doing this because, one, I wanted to increase the speed of the site’s upload time and, two, I wanted to give people a reason to come back on non-comic update days.  As many of you know I also do art prints, commissions and all sorts of other projects.

So during the week, mon through fri, and occasionally  sat there will always be an update here. The comic updates mon and thursdays… so tuesday, wed and friday will be art days. You will find those pieces in my blog on the main page just below the comic. All you have to do is scroll down.

I want you to enjoy my other worlds I play in. The goal is to make this place fun and honestly I just enjoy the company. So pull up a chair, surf for a bit and find an adventure, either with the bean or just my imagination.

keep creating-



Puck » 10 Feb 2013 » Reply

Why does it wear clothes?

    trav » 11 Feb 2013 » Reply

    you will find out 🙂

Lazy J » 8 Feb 2013 » Reply

oh dear they hath been spotted!!!

Que dramatic music and scene switch XD

    trav » 10 Feb 2013 » Reply

    as long as it is not banjo music.

Mercy » 8 Feb 2013 » Reply

Augh! A grenel! The plot thickens!

    trav » 10 Feb 2013 » Reply

    Run Away! Run Away!

      ohmikeghod » 1 Mar 2013 » Reply

      It is not running away. It is making a very fast strategic withdrawal.

Random Guy » 8 Feb 2013 » Reply

Bad kitty!

    trav » 10 Feb 2013 » Reply

    mean bad kitty!

Frankfurter » 7 Feb 2013 » Reply

A person can almost feel the hate coming out of that creature.

    trav » 7 Feb 2013 » Reply

    oh they are angry – very very angry beast

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