The Bean 492
The Bean 492
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Well let’s have some fun as we wait for the next update- If Bean were to be a movie, who would you cast. Actors can be living or dead…. sort of an ideal cast and realistic cast….

Bean…. This is a hard one- I would want bean to be both young and yet he has to be a strong actor, there is a lot of weight on this lads shoulder. My fear is the actor will not have the chops to pull it off… he must look about 13, but could be between 13 and 17


Old Ben…



The Collector…. (voice)

Gort…. (voice)

Groggle…. (voice)

the Guardian…. (voice)

Mama Farie…



Thaddeus …. (voice)

Madalynn…. (voice)

Crimson Per….

Fencer Per….

Other than that- i will post my cast list later –



Odo » 12 Jun 2013 » Reply

Either casting or voice casting: The Bean should be a new face/voice. Siv, the actor who did Hawkeye in The Avengers. Ravna, the actress who did Black Widow. (Can you tell that I really don't pay attention to current actors and actressses?) Theron — Harrison Ford (he's gotten much better as he has aged) Mama — Sophia Loren. I'm out of ideas…

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    🙂 that just made me smile

Jason King » 11 Jun 2013 » Reply

Artwork looks better on this page somehow…
As for who should play them? The cart driver is a Scot, like Sean Connery.

eO_Jande » 10 Jun 2013 » Reply

Trav, personally I would never want The Bean to be made into a movie. What I would love to see would be The Bean as an animated movie, using your drawings of the characters as the basis. 2D, not 3D. Better yet, Have it all animated by you. lol Sorry. Tons of work.

PS. I'm really disappointed that I missed your Art Book kickstarter. :`(

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    if animated i would like it digital.

    oh the artbook is for sale now at the store

alterSchwede » 10 Jun 2013 » Reply

Somewhat off topic.
Will you do some more daily sketches? I really liked those. (obviously I also like the comic, but seeing, what fun ideas you come up with was quite fun)

Anyway have fun! And continue to be awesome!

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    i will- just really busy at the moment. hopefully next spring

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