The Bean 500
The Bean 500
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Today is the 500th update of the BEAN. Can you believe it- 500 pages. I am really excited about it- It’s a celebration moment and a milestone.

Also, if you have not noticed, I have a complete who’s who’s guide for the comic here . Just look on the side and you will see the faces of who’s in today’s update and story arc. This is important to me, especially when dealing with an epic webcomic, where the story lines are long and drawn out. Hover over the character thumbnails and you will get some special background detail on that person. Every page has been indexed as well to include location, character and chapter.

Plus I have a new print I will be showcasing later in the day.

keep creating




James_Rye » 8 Dec 2013 » Reply

Damn, poor Grenel. All those weeks spent searching and hunting and when he finally found his prey he, a huge 3-4 metre monster with weave powers and claws like daggers and a tough skin, gets done in by a brat in less than 20 seconds. XDDD

@Rafnasil » 9 Jul 2013 » Reply

Congratulations my dear friend 🙂
Hope the next 500 will be even more amazing!

Jeff Lafferty » 9 Jul 2013 » Reply

500! Amazing accomplishment Travis, nice work!

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    here's to the next 500

artisarealjob » 8 Jul 2013 » Reply

So, the old guy is mildly surprised?

ThePuck1 » 8 Jul 2013 » Reply

Achievement: Unlocked.

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    wonder what the experience points will be for this

DepartureVic » 8 Jul 2013 » Reply

WOO! That's a hell of a page for #500! GO BEAN!

Ben » 8 Jul 2013 » Reply

For the time it took that thing to stalk Bean, getting killed by him was over in a flash! You've almost got to feel sorry for the guy.

eO_Jande » 8 Jul 2013 » Reply

How exciting, Trav! Congratulations! <3

Love the new Character thingy in the left-hand box. Much impressed.

(the white background of the site is very hard on my eyes, but it's worth the painful glare to read the bean online)

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    one day it will be in color

Elliot » 8 Jul 2013 » Reply

how has it already been 500 updates? what a wonderful ride we have been on!

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    amazing huh? 🙂

      Elliot » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

      Absolutely, it seems unreal!

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